Most Expensive Domain Names that were Sold for more than $10 million


‘What’s in a name?’, asks Shakespeare. ‘Technically, every element that will make you rich’, replies a Domain Name Dealer. That’s right! Domain name is as cheap as $5 and if chosen carefully, will bring you a fortune. It’s not an unprecedented fact how the specific domain deals have given rise to the millionaires. Be it a 2-letter acronym or an 8-letter word, they are valued in millions solely depending upon the buyer’s interest and demand.

So, what are some of the most expensive domain names deals that are etched forever in the history and changed the lives of the domain name hoarders? If you too are wondering about the same question, then below is the premium domain names list, which comprises of the names that were sold for more than $10 million.

It was only recently confirmed that the domain name,, was sold at a staggering sum of $872 million. It makes this the record-breaking and largest domain name sales price ever. This deal had appalled a massive number of audience and one cannot help thinking about the person who owned this domain name.


According to the domain investor, George Kirikos, this domain name was sold for $90 million in the year 2005. LLC signed an agreement, where $12 million was supposed to be paid as the initial fees and the remaining amount is to be paid in the installments up to the year 2040. Making it one of the expensive deals after &

Both the domains, and were bought by QuinStreet, one of the largest marketing companies in the world, in 2010 for $49.7 million and $35.6 million respectively. While was purchased along with the content, alone cost such a huge amount.

In the year 2007, was purchased by the Texas-based company HomeAway for the flabbergasting price of $35 million. As acknowledged by the CEO and founder Brian Sharples, it was purchased with the primary objective of stopping its nearest competitor Expedia from getting it. Today, this site has a worldwide recognition for vacation deals. was acquired by Atlanta-based Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC at the heavy price of $30.18 million in cash and stocks in the year 2012. According to its press release, Nations Luxury Transportation will provide the most efficient platform worldwide for aircraft and private jet sales by this acquisition.

Another acquisition by QuinStreet is, which was purchased in the year 2009 for $18 million. The website is used to provide information on internet topics like gadgets, security, e-commerce, etc. was purchased by the Chinese company, Qihoo 360 at the high price of $17 million from Vodafone. It broke records of and is counted as one of the most high-priced deals of 2015. The company already owned and with, it enters the global market. was also purchased by QuinStreet in the same year as i.e 2009. It was bought for $16 million. The website is used for providing multifarious insurance services online. was a financial blog created by Johns Wu with the objective of providing consumers the information on credit card offers and other banking and finance related services. Gradually, the traffic increased organically on his blog and was later sold to in the year 2008 for $15 million.

It is probably the most searched keyword on the internet and yet, is not amongst the top 5 most expensive domain names, as you must have expected. Once counted as the most expensive domain name was bought for $13 million. It was purchased in the auction by Clover Holdings Ltd. from the bankrupt owner, Escom LLC.

Intersearch paid $12.5 million for domain name in the year 2007. But there were many hassles that Intersearch had to go through after it acquired this domain, as the similar domain name with different extensions were used for providing tax-related services in the US.

This is a perfect example of why one should buy the top level domains for sale. president, David Roche, bought this domain name for $11 million in 2001 and today, it is a major online booking site on the internet, globally known for its services for all types of travellers. He considers it a bargain. is yet another domain name purchased by QuinStreet for sky-high price of $10.2 million in the year 2008. The website allows its audience to compare the credit card offers and fees and provide the best suitable options.

Above were some of the most expensive domain names of all time, which served as a lottery ticket to the ones who realized their value earlier than anyone else and managed to sell them at the high profit. You can still make lavish profits (if not equal) by choosing the best place to sell domains. The better the reputation of the platform, the better are your chances of earning more.

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