Simple Tips on How You Can Increase Your Domain Valuation


A plenitude of people, who buy domain names for resale, realize the value of their domain name only after selling it at a cut-price. It is incredibly important that you don’t just fathom the value of your domain but endeavor to increase it too.

Whether you have a long or short domain name, you must strive to increase its worth. Mentioned below are some free tips to boost your domain name sale price.

  • Develop a Website

Manifold the value of your domain by creating a website for it. This enhances the ranking of domain name, making it easy to be found on search engines. It empowers you to dominate the negotiation because such domains are preferred choice of many. Once purchased, they don’t have to put much efforts to be found on the web.

  • Invest in a One-Word Domain

Here’s a quick and interesting fact – Back in 2008, the one-word domain name ‘’ was sold for a whopping $2.6 million. Want to know how much did the original owner pay for it? Mere $20 in the mid-90s.

The rationale behind the same is that these one-word domains are easy to remember and can be leveraged by organizations as their branding assets. Invest in such buyer-friendly domain names that would design a profitable future for you in domain industry.

  • Embrace the Power of Social Media Platforms

Have some domain names for sale? How about trying to sell on social platforms? Create accounts on some of the major social media platforms viz. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Ensure that while you make your profile, you enter information about your website and add a link to your domain. The spiders of Google crawl these platforms frequently and it can find your newly created profile quite fast.

  • Invest Time in Increasing Backlinks

Backlinks are 10-20% SEO and play a pivotal role in affecting the ranking of your domain name. Why? Well, search engines love you when everyone else loves you first and backlinks act as a signal to search engines that you are loved by others. This helps to increase your ranking on the search engines.

You can get backlinks by posting on forums, undertaking the task of guest blogging, commenting on blogs, placing your links in link directories, etc.

Wrapping Up

It’s great that you reserve domain name for any thought or business that you have in your mind. But practicing the aforementioned tips to escalate your domain value could fetch you some great benefits in the long run. And, if you buy domain names for resale purpose, then these tips are sure to help you bag a great selling price.

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