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New Zealand’s Domain Name Commission is seeking feedback on their
first independent review with a view to making the organisation even better and
fit for purpose for the years ahead. The review found the organisation has been
effective in its oversight of the .nz domain name industry.

“The Commission is pleased the review found no systemic or
widespread issues with the way we operate, or with our general approaches to
self regulate the .nz domain name market,” says Domain Name Commissioner, Brent

“We are nevertheless committed to continuous improvement to
the way we work and there are a number of findings and recommendations for us
to reflect upon.”

The draft report, outlining the review, has been published
and the Domain Name Commission is inviting the community to engage with its
content before the independent reviewer, Mr David Pickens, finalises the

Giving people an opportunity to have their say on the report
will help ensure the Commission is fit for purpose for the years ahead.

The review includes 14 recommendations aimed at improving
the DNC. The first is it “should view itself more as a competitor against other
TLDN [top-level domain name] administrators and regulators. A useful objective
would be to better meet the needs and preferences of registrants than other
TLDNs.” A common theme among the recommendations appears to international
benchmarking and international cooperation.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Pickens
for his comprehensive review that will allow us to strengthen the role of the
Commission into the future,” says Carey.

Anyone can make a submission. Whether a part of the
technical community, the domain name industry, an international counterpart,
business owner or member of the public. This is a chance to have your say on
how the Commission can best serve the sellers, buyers and service providers in
the .nz domain name industry.

Once the consultation period ends, Mr Pickens will create a
final report. This report will be published in July.

Submissions can be made via email to consultations@dnc.org.nz. The closing date for submissions is 6 June 2019. For more information, including the review report, go to: Regulatory Review where there are links to the Review and Recommendations and Findings.

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