Sedo Drops Minimum Fee and Lowers Minimum Bid For Rest of 2019


From 6 May, Sedo has dropped the minimum fee they charge when domain names are sold through the aftermarket platform, as well as lowering the minimum bid required to $20 from $90.

Previously there was a commission of between 10% and 20% of
the sale price on each domain name sold, but there was a minimum fee of $60
charged on all sales. The sales fee is paid by the seller.

The change should encourage more people to sell domain
names, particularly those that aren’t likely to attract high prices.

Sedo give 3 examples of how the changes will benefit sellers
for a domain name that sells for $100.

Where a domain name has a Buy Now price and was parked at
Sedo and the buyer came from the Sedo platform, the seller of a domain name
that sold for $100 would previously have paid Sedo $60 commission, but now the
commission on the sale would be 10% meaning the seller will gain an extra $50.

Another example given is where a domain name was bought
through a negotiation or via auction on the Sedo platform: There is only 15%
commission, so $15 would be payable to Sedo and the seller earns $85. With the
minimum fee eliminated, the seller keeps $45 more.

The third example is where the buyer comes from a SedoMLS
partner site. There is a 20% commission or $20 with the seller earning $80.
With the minimum fee eliminated, the seller earns $40 more.

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