Check Out the Easiest Way to Sell Geo-Targeted Domain Names


Are you interested in buying domain names or selling geo-targeted domain names? Buying and selling domain names can be profitable if you have the right approach and make wise choices.

“Geo-targeted domain names have often been a popular source of income for domain investors, with some still making a living from buying and selling this category of name,” according to NamePros online. “However, there are some common questions that need answering. How do you sell a geo-targeted domain name, and what should you take into consideration before acquiring any geo-targeted name?”

Geographical domain name examples would be a combination of geographical location and business or profession.

An example of a geo-targeted domain name would be “ (Location: New York. Profession: Real Estate),” according to NamePros, or, for another fictional example,

“These names don’t necessarily need to be .com domains,” says NamePros, but since .com is the most popular TLD (top-level domain) amongst consumers worldwide, this is the one to focus on.

“If you’re in a country other than the U.S., you could target your local country codes TLDs, but this could have mixed results,” NamePros says.

In order to sell your geo-targeted domain name, you need to choose a desirable keyword/business and a location with which that business or profession can be associated with, NamePros states.

Another online site, PremiumWebs, reiterates: “Every company wants an individual identity, and most business owners …. will choose their personal or company name and add a or to the end of it….Here’s where geo-targeting comes in. Unless by chance you have a really highly searched generic term or keyword built in your domain name, you need to rethink how valuable a domain name that has a geo-specific town, city, state or region along with a keyword targeted service name or trade which relates to your specific business. “

NamePros points out that finding suitable keywords isn’t easy, but looking for professions that already have a strong online presence and have a history of spending money on web development and advertising is a good place to start.

Make a geographical domain names list and see what works best for your business. Then you can register the domain name.

But if you are into the business of selling, NamePros points out, “To effectively sell the name, you need to speak to the right person. Typically, for geo-targeted names such as real estate domains, you’ll want to speak to the business owner, as they usually take on numerous roles within their business, with marketing manager being one of them.”

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