Reasons to Register Multiple Domain Names for your Brand


Research indicates that it’s a good idea to register several domain names.

Buying multiple domain names, according to, will:

  • “Keep your competition from registering a similar domain name, drawing customers to them instead of you;
  • “Promote the different products and services you offer; drive more traffic to your website;
  • “Enjoy more opportunities to market to – and be listed in- search engines; create distinct advertising strategies … and protect your brand and online identity.”

Another site,, emphasizes the need for multiple domain names to protect your company and your brand. Other people will try to buy and use domain names similar to yours to trick consumers into thinking it is the real deal. Brand domain names are key.

So, pick some catchy domain names and invest in domain names.

Something else you might not have thought of, which points out, is that “people will make spelling errors typing your domain name.” So, buying a domain name with a similar – or “off” spelling – will help people find you even if they make a typo.

The site states simply, “It’s an easy and inexpensive way to protect your identity online.”

And, finally, registering multiple domain names will – ideally – drive more traffic to your website, GoDaddy notes, and thus, will help gain visibility for your brand.

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