Following Supreme Court Decision, NIC Chile Receives Several Requests For .CL Registrant Data


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Following a decision in October where the Chilean Supreme Court forced Chile’s ccTLD manager NIC Chile to release limited domain name registrant information, there have been 4 requests, and one subsequently withdrawn.

In the first of 2 announcements [Spanish] on 5 December NIC Chile said they had received 4 new requests for bulk domain data information, or Whois data, under the Law on Access to Public Information. According to the notice, in accordance with the law, NIC Chile was sending emails to .cl registrants s to inform them that they have the right to object to the delivery of their information, in an informed manner, to the extent that it affects their security, privacy, economic or commercial rights, or other cause. To decline having their registrant data released, registrants will have to expressly say so.

In the second announcement [in Spanish], NIC Chile said that José Miguel Montalva, one who had requested registrant information, although it doesn’t say if he was one of the 4 or another of those requesting the registrant information, had withdrawn his request.

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