Curiosities And Little Known Facts About .NZ


A recent blog post on the New Zealand Registry Services site has outlined a few interesting facts about .nz. Such as the top 20 words or strings in the .nz database are topped by, not unexpectedly, “nz” which was included in 18,279 domain names in November 2019, over three times the next most popular word – “group” – in 5,412 domains.

The analysis of both .nz and .nz’s second level domains found
“Auckland” the third most popular term (5,256), “design” (5,036), “it” (4,959)
and “kiwi” (3,963).

Comparing the analysis to the database 12 months earlier, the
frequency of terms such as “co”, “group”, “tech” and “solutions” all increased,
but all others decreased, with “nz” showing the greatest decrease of 645

When it comes to analysing the size of each “level” in the
five largest, .nz was the only one that showed an increase with an increase of
0.35% of the register, while other second-level domains decreased to varying

Internationalised domain names are allowed in .nz but aren’t
very popular, with only 159 IDNs under .nz as of November 2019, an increase of
nine from a year earlier.

When it comes to the length of a domain name, the most
popular was six to ten characters with 37% of all registrations followed by 11
to 15 (33%), 16 to 20 (15%), three to five (10%), more than 20 (4.5%) and one
to two (0.4%). There was negligible change from November 2018 to November 2019.
The greatest change was a slight increase in the percentage of domain names
with three to five characters of 0.34% while all other categories showed a
marginal decrease.

For the research NZRS looked at the first character of each
domain name in the register for both years. “S” was the most popular first
letter accounting for 8.9% of all domains followed by “t” (7.8%), “c” (7.7%), “a”
(6.8%) and “m” (6.8%). Less than 1% (0.8%) started with a digit.

The most popular day to register a .nz domain name was
Wednesday (16%) followed by Thursday and then Tuesday (15%). Sunday was the
least popular and Monday the second least. As for the day of the month, the
first of the month was a full percentage point higher than the second most
popular day (28th).

When it comes to who registers a domain name, organisations
account for 64% of all registrations in 2019, a slight increase on 2018, while
individuals account for 36%.

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