Does Domain Age Really Affect Sales Value?

The significance of domain age has been hotly debated for quite a long time. The consensus is that older, established domains, which rank well in search engines, sell well, but even domains that are two to three months old sell well if they have great content. Those seeking to buy a domain look for quality […]


Rugby Gets Its Own Heavenly New gTLD

It’s the game they play in heaven. And now rugby union has another home via its own new gTLD – .rugby – through its global governing body World Rugby. The international federation move to World.Rugby as part of the digital re-brand in 2018 and the .rugby domain name will also be available to unions, regional […]


ICANN Reserve Fund: Proposed Replenishment Strategy

Brief Overview: ICANN seeks public comment on the Reserve Fund replenishment strategy. Following the confirmation of the Reserve Fund target level of a minimum of 12 months of Operating Expenses, the difference between the current and the target levels shows a shortfall, and the Reserve Fund needs to be replenished. The purpose of this public […]


Google to Launch .APP Sunrise On 29 March

Google’s fourth open new gTLD, .app, is launching its Sunrise period on 29 March for almost 5 weeks. .app is billed as a more secure domain for apps. From games to news to education to business, .app is aimed at being the perfect home to promote apps on the web and a great place to […]


Domaining Europe Is Now NamesCon Europe

Domaining Europe has been rebranded and will become NamesCon Europe commencing with the upcoming event in Valencia, Spain, from 7 to 9 June. Dietmar Stefitz, who founded Domaining Europe in 2008, will directly manage the 2018 event with the assistance of NamesCon producers Terri Potratz and Tania Kabantsov as Dietmar winds down into a smooth […]