WHOIS and its Importance in the Domain Industry

Once you register a domain name, the information of your domain is saved on one of the many public databases called WHOIS. What kind of information is stored? Is it displayed in public? How is it useful in domain industry? Keep scrolling below, to find out your answer to every question you have about Whois. […]


Some important attributes of a premium domain

There is a lot of money associated with a proper premium domain name. Let us see what are the attributes of a premium domain. 1.Premium attributes Should be relevant to the current market Should be easy to recall Should be short and possibly sweet Should be relevant to business Contain only commonly used names and […]


Step-by-step Guide to choose the Perfect Domain Name

Domain name is the first impression of your business upon the audience. As the old maxim goes – ‘The first impression is the last impression’, make sure your first one is a good one by choosing a catchy yet simple domain name. According to the ICANN report, there are in all 1541 top-level domain names, […]


Most Expensive Domain Names that were Sold for more than $10 million

‘What’s in a name?’, asks Shakespeare. ‘Technically, every element that will make you rich’, replies a Domain Name Dealer. That’s right! Domain name is as cheap as $5 and if chosen carefully, will bring you a fortune. It’s not an unprecedented fact how the specific domain deals have given rise to the millionaires. Be it […]


What are premium Domains like

A premium domain name is a domain name, which is easy to remember, great for SEO, a name which is acquired by someone else, a sound investment and a domain which is priced higher, usually much higher than a regular domain. Why will people pay more money for certain domains? The answer is simple, better […]