Change your domain name in time and grow your business

Hopefully that time will never come of you have got the right domain name and the things are moving as expected. But life is not a bed of roses. You may have to, and should change your domain name under certain circumstances. Here are the principal indicators to change your domain name: 1. It is […]


Pick, Buy & Sell – Is Domain Really A Profitable Business?

Are you a novice in the ever-growing fraternity of buying and selling domains for profit or are you planning to take a leap into this field? If yes, then you must have asked yourself this one question of sheer importance a thousand times before making any decision – Is buying and selling domain name a […]


Tips for Buying & Selling Domain Names for Profit

With the host of people making millions merely by buying and selling the domain names, many folks have been attracted and inspired to walk the same path. Mike Mann, the founder of an ISP called Internet Interstate, got an offer of $25,000 for the domain name Menus.com, which he purchased merely for $70. It was […]